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奖学金获奖感言——2017级汉语进修生Darko Addo Mark

On behalf of the International Exchange College of the Nanchang University, I would like to convey my gratitude for your generous offer of scholarship for this academic year.  My name is Darko Addo Mark. I am a Ghanaian by birth. I study Masters in Business Administration in Nanchang University College.

Dear Sir /Madam

   First of all, China is a very beautiful and hardworking Country which is taking the world of business by surprise. As I was studying my bachelors of Arts in Economics and Information Studies back in Ghana, I did a research about countries which were doing well in the business world as well as helping their economy to grow. China was one of the countries which growing rapidly. This drew my attention to them. The reason why I chose China as a step in my Educational career was to study the businesses evolving in the country, the people, the culture and also to travel to some beautiful cities and get to know people around the country.

   Secondly, Nanchang University, the international exchange college to be precise has been very helpful throughout my first year in the School. The Chinese students are very helpful and are very hospitable in assisting in the banks, in directions and even in the canteens. Studying MBA is not easy but with the help of the good teachers of the University we are able to cope with every situation we find ourselves in. Some lecturers go to the extent of giving us their personal numbers to call them when we need help on our studies. I want to personally thank them very much for their assistance. For these reasons, I try my best to study my courses well as well as taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way to its maximum.
   Thirdly, I have developed great insight about asset management  through my studies in business management, accounting and Economics at high school level. Through the rudiment of my studies,  I applied my accounting and economics principle to home management and personal entrepreneur initiatives. It is my great ambition to educate myself to the highest level, most importantly in a world class university. My knowledge about money and the skill of managing it circumspectly has been an undying incentive to pursue a career that provides advance insight into financial management. A Background studies in Public finance in Economics was a useful stepping stone into the financial industry.
An advanced study in MBA in Accounting , Finance and Economics will enable me broaden my knowledge of different areas in accounting and finance and be able to deal with the increasing financial mismanagement in the public sector and meaningfully and positively contribute in great measure to the effective and efficient performance of the accounting institutions in Ghana.
    Lastly, I sincerely want to thank the Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for awarding me this Scholarship. Awarding me this scholarship enables me to focus on my education and put all my energy into doing well in my classes. Your generosity is allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality.  
Yours Student,
Darko Addo Mark