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奖学金获奖感言——2017级汉语进修生David Kadzhaia

Dear Sir/Madam
   My name is David Kadzhaia (the Chinese way is 大卫), I’m 23 years old, I’m the citizen of Russia.
   This letter of thankfulness and gratitude is addressed to the authorities of the Jiangxi province, Nanchang city and the Chinese government in general.
   Today, I’m the student of Nanchang University where I plan to finish my Business Administration master degree. I believe, that my future several years in Nanchang will be as good, as were the previous 6 months, that I’ve stayed here.
   Having an opportunity to compare Nanchang and other cities in China, I can confidently say, that I’m really glad that I stay in such a nice place to live and study.
   In the future, I would want to become a middleman between Russian and Chinese businessmen or government authorities. I hope, my background in political science, new knowledge about business administration and Chinese language (that I’m very keen on learning) will help me to accomplish my goal.

   Once more, thank you for your help and support!


David Kadzhaia